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Economy of Russia

Putin's Third Way

With the rise in oil prices and a conservative fiscal policy, Russia turned from a debtor nation into an economic powerhouse, creating a compromise between the excesses of the free market and the inefficiencies of a command economy

The Sources of Russian Conduct

Sixty years after Kennan, Russia still baffles. But Putin's managed pluralism has deep roots in Russian opinion.

Realism about Russia

Russia is no longer, and will not again soon be, a great power. To treat it like on is in neither America's interest nor Russia's.

Where Does Russia Belong?

In the last issue, Zbigniew Brzezinski proposed a new plan for including Russia in an expanding transatlantic community. But his ideal world might not come about. With a comment from Brzezinski.

Living With Russia

When dealing with a sick bear, coddling will not suffice. Before it can be fully accepted by the West, Russia must give up its imperial pretensions.

Tainted Transactions: An Exchange

Jeffrey Sachs, Anders Aslund, Marek Dabrowski, Peter Reddaway, Igor Aristov, Wayne Merry, Michael Hudson, Daivd Ellerman, Steven Rosefielde, Janine Wedel


Russia's Global Trade Agenda

Moscow may have joined the WTO, but it retains a willingness to challenge the limits of trade rules.

Russia's Murky Energy Future

The Rosneft-BP deal could be a major obstacle to economic modernization and diversity.

The Obama-Medvedev Summit

To have friendlier relations, America and Russia need to become better economic partners.

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April 16, 2014