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Eliot A. Cohen

The Neoconservative Moment

Charles Krauthammer's "democratic globalism" fails as a guiding principle of foreign policy and creates more questions than answers.


Uncivil Military Relations

Chuck Hagel will have to deal with strained relations between the White House and the Pentagon.

Israel Lobby: The Reviews Are In

Four reviewers take on John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's controversial book on the "Israel Lobby."

Report and Retort: Defending The Big Picture

The Bush Administration’s ineptitude has led to the uncommented-on demise of an elegant, and largely successful, British strategy for dealing with the United States. John Hulsman responds to

Books & Reviews

Fighting Men

Eliot Cohen's look at the greatest democratic statesman of recent centuries affirms Clemenceau's quip that war is too important to be left to the generals--even American generals.

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April 18, 2014