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The New Yorker Casts Its Ballot

One of America's top magazines often appeared smug as it covered 2012 elections.

Conservative Nation

Declarations of conservatism's demise after the 2008 election were greatly exaggerated. As the opposition, American conservatives are in their element—can they draw upon their intellectual tradition to solve what ails America?

Pariahs in Tehran

We shouldn't believe all we hear about the success of Obama's Iran strategy. The world needs to put a stranglehold on Tehran.

St. Peter and the Minarets

The Catholic Church is under assault. A secularizing West, the encroachment of Islam into Europe, and the sexual-abuse scandal all threaten the Vatican's ability to influence the masses. The Church's response will be felt worldwide.

Grassroots Economics

The IMF has become little more than an abettor of bad policymaking. To avoid the next meltdown, the IMF must become a global advocacy group. Diplospeak is out; punchy prose and clear policy recommendations are in.

Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.


Egypt's Coup-Friendly Liberal Democrats

To think of Egypt's army as the midwife of democracy is laughable.

The U.S.-Russian Information Gap

Spats on Syria at the G-8 highlighted how the Western and Russian media have different interpretations of the same world.

The Degraded Correspondents' Dinner

It wasn't always about Hollywood celebrities and swag bags.


Rep. Peter King's Jihad Against the Osama bin Laden Movie

Osama's going Hollywood. Rep. King's going bonkers.

Harold P. Ford and the Integrity of Intelligence

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has politicized intelligence for decades. Vietnam all over again.

The Return of Tina Brown

If anyone can bring Newsweek back from the dead and reinvent hardcore journalism, it's Tina Brown.

Books & Reviews

Experts All the Way Down

Whether it's global warming, racism or deficit spending, beware of the experts you're listening to. They know far less than they claim.

Qutb and the Jews

The conventional wisdom says Sayyid Qutb is the forefather of modern-day Islamic fundamentalism. What is less known is how the thinker's intense anti-Semitism and contempt for female sexuality contributed to this vulgar worldview.

Revolutionaries Inside the Capitol

America's founding is a gripping tale of rivalry, treachery and ultimately triumph. The divisive politics of today are nothing compared to those now celebrated on the cliffs of Mt. Rushmore.

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April 16, 2014