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Tainted Transactions

How a team of Cambridge operators, working together with a Russian "clan", confused all categories and wreaked havoc on Russia's economy.

Britain's Atlantic Option

Britain is dithering about whether to join the European Monetary Union or to go it alone. But it should explore the much better option of becoming a member of an expanded NAFTA--an arrangement more in accord with its traditions and interests.

Russia's Crisis, America's Complicity

The appointment of the Primakov government in September reflects profound changes in Russian politics, some of which have serious implications for the United States.

Lord Salisbury: A Model for Aspiring Imperialists

Perhaps Lord Salisbury's most useful and permanent lesson, lies in the particular nature of his patriotism and of his conduct of foreign policy.

Yeltsin: the Problem, Not the Solution

Too much of Western energy, resources, and political capital has been sunk into schemes whose primary goal is propping up Yeltsin's regime, while not listening to what Russians themselves want and need.

Balance, Not Containment: A Geopolitical Take from Canberra

It does not follow that if a policy of "engagement" has its problems, a policy of "containment" must be flawless. The language that has arisen to discuss U.S. China policy is itself seminally misleading.

Reagan's Critics

The measure of "greatness" in American presidents is often theretrospective appreciation of their willingness to "stay the course"in the face of determined opposition from powerful opponents.

The Future of a Contradiction

The great issue of American foreign policy today may be simply stated.

Policing the Golan? No

American and Israeli officials say they expect U.

Out of Control: The Crisis in Civil-Military Relations

The U.S. military is now more alienated from its civilian leadership than at any time in American history, and more vocal about it.

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April 21, 2014