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European Union

Europe: Strategic Drifter

Economic weakness and geopolitical shifts may see Europe choose a foreign policy of weakness.

The Federalists Go to Brussels

The European Union’s potential for superpower status has been greatly exaggerated. Brussels has neither the stomach for the job, nor the united purpose to undertake it.

Empire Falls

The United States is in unprecedented decline. Future generations will look back at the past decade as the beginning of the end of American hegemony.

Liberté, Fraternité . . . Modernité?

As part of a new series expressing the views of foreign policy thinkers around the world, France's new president discusses Franco-American relations, the European Union's future and the Middle East.

Beyond American Hegemony

The United States should abandon its futile attempt to secure global hegemony in favor of a concert-of-power foreign-policy strategy.

Berlin's Russia Challenge

The EU’s policy incoherence toward Russia compromises Europe’s energy security.


Europe Still a Mess

Despite its best efforts and growing confidence, the eurozone's troubles persist.

Don't Forget Free Trade with Turkey

Keeping Ankara out of the new Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership helps nobody.

Thatcher's Prudent Nationalism

Today's Europe is learning now what she knew decades ago.

Books & Reviews

America Under the Caesars

Anti-interventionists allege our leaders traded a strong, austere republic for a weak and sprawling empire predicated on a military might that could not match our own ambitions. This narrative negates real threats and real victories.

Eating Vichyssoise in Athens

Beyond the latest rows, institutional paralysis and financial incompetence, the scars of war have plainly not all been healed. Is there a deeper collapse of European self-confidence?

I Say NATO, You Say No NATO

Will France call the whole thing off?

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April 17, 2014