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Pax Corleone

How to make our adversaries and allies offers they can’t refuse. As threats to U.S. dominance emerge, Washington is looking for a way to counter them. Neocons, liberals and realists all have their own ideas about that. Who will win out?

The Little Man's Revenge

The Secret Agent, published in 1907, is about a shadowy anarchist, Adolf Verloc, who owns a shop selling low-end goods in a grimy, working class district of London.


The Girl Who Wasn't So Special

Perhaps, in a world so crowded with "others," Sweden has become the new exotic.


It's Not Too Late: Great Fiction for the End of Summer Reading

What does a terrorism expert read about his spare time? War, spies, a thriller in the heartland, a tour de force about an international newspaper and a certain late Swedish writer who's all the rage.

Books & Reviews

T for Terrorist

Hollywood romanticizes terror - Nir Rosen exposes it.

Night and Fog

Alan Furst recreates the atmosphere of Europe's second Dark Ages (1933-45) as few others have. Today, Western civilization is again under attack, and Furst can teach us a great deal.

Recovering Our Nerve

"Getting the wind up", is an old British expression for panicking.

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April 24, 2014