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Grassroots Economics

The IMF has become little more than an abettor of bad policymaking. To avoid the next meltdown, the IMF must become a global advocacy group. Diplospeak is out; punchy prose and clear policy recommendations are in.

The Last Temptation of Risk

Eichengreen explains the origins of the economic crisis.

Death Cometh for the Greenback

America’s debt is ballooning. Runaway inflation threatens our creditors. Faith in the almighty dollar is wavering. Soon a global reserve, complete with its own currency, will land the final blow against the dollar. But contrary to popular opinion,

Manchurian Paradox

The America-China symbiosis cannot be overstated. Beijing’s willingness to buy U.S. debt allowed us to live on credit, while our purchase of Chinese goods propelled their meteoric rise. But as the financial markets have soured, some in the United

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

A host of countries are making great economic strides, which means the burgeoning global middle class is demanding an ever-growing piece of the pie. That’s good news, but it’s also causing higher prices for just about everything you could want. Th

Not Your Average Banker

TNI’s Justine A. Rosenthal sits down with World Bank Chief Robert Zoellick. On the agenda: dealing with failed states, making China a “responsible stakeholder” and rethinking international development.


Wasting Time in Belfast

Little progress on substantive issues will be made at the G-8 summit.

The Hypocritical Attack on S&P

The ratings agencies engaged in fraud, but the government that seeks to punish them for it is no less guilty.

Will Banks Finally Be Brought to Heel?

The impunity of international finance might be coming to an end.


Is America Doomed?

Cassandras are seeing their worst prophecies confirmed. Their pessimism is contagious.

Don't Bash the Fed

The idea that Ben Bernanke is engaged in a nefarious plot by weakening the dollar just doesn't hold water.

It's Time for America to Downsize

Closing "the Lippmann gap" could make or break Obama's presidency.

Books & Reviews

First Bank of the Living Dead

As the Great Recession gnaws at our very belief in the ability of capitalism to raise us to ever-escalating levels of wealth and prosperity, Keynes's no-longer-viable financial prescriptions are being resurrected.

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April 16, 2014