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Foreign relations of Iran

Pariahs in Tehran

We shouldn't believe all we hear about the success of Obama's Iran strategy. The world needs to put a stranglehold on Tehran.

Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.

In the Tunnels of Natanz

The leader of the search for WMD in Iraq says weapons inspections will not stop Iran from going nuclear. The West doesn’t have the capacity or unity to make an effective inspection regime happen.

The Revolution Will Be Mercantilized

Iran is degenerating into a security state, with the Revolutionary Guard Corps at the helm. The fight for supremacy among the hard-line elite can only lead to a crisis within the Iranian state.

The Republic and the Rahbar

With all of the hype surrounding Iran’s nuclear program and its incendiary President Ahmadinejad, we have been fooled into believe Tehran is one of our biggest threats.

Israel's Fight-or-Flight Response

A nuclear Iran may not be the biggest threat to Israel. Fear is a danger in and of itself.


Bomb Syria to Intimidate Iran: Recycling a Bad Idea

The hawks are unhappy that Washington and Damascus haven't come to blows.

Khamenei Approaches Nuclear Decision Point

Iran negotiations may soon get serious.

Bomb, Coerce or Contain Iran

Three distinct schools of thought have emerged about Tehran's nuclear program.


The Baghdad Talks and the Politics of Inflexibility

Iran has shown flexibility. But the P5+1 powers seem willing to take without giving.

Getting Tough with Iran

Do the risks of provoking or attacking Iran today outweigh the costs of dealing with a nuclear Iran tomorrow?

Keeping Iran From Saying Yes

The United States has made it almost impossible for Iran to say yes to whatever it is the United States is supposedly demanding of Iran.

Books & Reviews

Botching Iran

With regards to Tehran, it is America that has been the constant bungler.

Facing Down Iran

Everyone agrees that Iran is a threat. What makes Ilan Berman stand out?

Iran's Atomic Journey

Al J. Venter traces the history of the Iranian nuclear project.

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April 19, 2014