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Foreign relations of the European Union

Liberté, Fraternité . . . Modernité?

As part of a new series expressing the views of foreign policy thinkers around the world, France's new president discusses Franco-American relations, the European Union's future and the Middle East.

Brussels Unbound

The EU has "unilateralist" ambitions.

Goodbye To Berlin?

A declining Germany gets no respect from Red State America--yet it wants a veto over U.S. policy. Surrendering this conceit is the first step back toward influence.

Selling America--Short

America's public diplomacy stinks. It's time to learn some lessons from the Cold War.

Scoring the Iraq Aftermath

How to measure real progress--or lack thereof--in Iraq.

Today's Electric Power Grids

On August 14th, blackouts crippled the Canadian province of Ontario and the eastern United States, making it the largest power failure in American history: over 50 million people and more than 9,300 square miles were affected.


The United States of Europe

The EU's problems go much deeper than debt.

Europe Doesn't Matter

The EU doesn’t have a united foreign policy and its member countries are downsizing their militaries. Why are Europeans surprised no one pays attention to them?

Luck of the Irish

An upcoming referendum in Ireland could derail the Lisbon Treaty. But even if it passes, the EU is still split on the issue of political integration.

Books & Reviews

FDR's Legacy

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great president.  Is Conrad Black a great biographer?

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April 16, 2014