Francis Fukuyama Articles

Deadened Reckoning

A civilization determined to ignore or even repudiate its own past successes cannot count on achieving many future ones.

The Next Lenin: On the Cusp of Truly Revolutionary Warfare

Only an oppressive police state could assure total government control over novel tools for mass destruction.

Secularism in Retreat

The world today, with some exceptions, is as furiously religious as it ever was, and in some places more so than ever.

The Third Side of the Triangle: The China-Japan Dimension

Of all the relationships in the world that do not directly involve the United States as one of the parties, the one between China and Japan is likely to have the greatest effect upon us in the first half of the twenty-first century.

The Short March: China's Road to Democracy

When will China become a democracy? The answer is around the year 2015.

Russia's Military Nadir: The Meaning of the Chechen Debacle

"In war the moral is to the physical as ten to one.

The World Shakes China

China has yet to shake the world; its external influence has been comparatively inconsequential since the industrial revolution. Instead, it is the world that has shaken China.

No Illusions: Russia's Student Generation

As Russia navigates its current time of troubles, the identity of its youth, especially the elite in higher education, takes on greater importance than at any time since 1917.

Making Sense of Japan: A Reassessment of Revisionism

Japan provides the last remaining prop for the dollar’s role as the world’s currency, and with that role all of America’s superpower pretensions.

Chirac: Beyond Gaullism?

The annual G-7 economic summits have been justly described as photoopportunities in which anything except economics may be discussed.

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April 24, 2014