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George H. W. Bush

The Legend of a Democracy Promoter

George W. Bush will not be judged kindly by history. But make no mistake: his freedom agenda will endure in the next administration and beyond.

The Freedom Crusade

Promoting democracy is not only alien to American diplomatic tradition, it could jeopardize our security.

American Maximalism

President Bush's reputation as a radical is exaggerated.  He is following in the footsteps of bold predecessors.  So why is he making such a mess of it?

Different Drummers, Same Drum

Despite the rhetoric, the new administration's foreign policy bespeaks not change, but continuity with the Clinton era.

Two Plus Four

Ten years after the event, a key architect of America's response to German reunification looks back--and draws lessons for the present.

Policing Utopia

Military force has become the hallmark of U.S. foreign policy, ironically in the name of enforcing a global utopia.


How the GOP Lost National Security

Republicans abandoned Reagan's optimistic pragmatism for their own brand of idealism.

Reactions to the State of the Union

Paul Saunders and Amitai Etzioni give their takes on President Bush's foreign policy remarks in the latest State of the Union Address.

The Fading Freedom Agenda

The decidedly measured rhetoric used by President Bush in the State of the Union address on Monday shows that his democratic zeal has been tempered by time and experience.


George Bush's Unmemorable Memoir

George W. Bush's book is an inadvertent reminder that you needn't be an interesting leader to be a terrible one.

Nostalgia for George W. Bush

George W. Bush is following an American tradition of formerly vilified presidents who resurrect their reputations after they leave office.

Books & Reviews

Unsage Advice

With the campaign season heating up, David Rivkin says that new books by Madeleine Albright and Zbigniew Brzezinski might not provide the soundest advice.

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

There is no shortage of books on security and strategy in a world beset by terror. "Fortunately," writes Harvey Sicherman, "most are short."

Doing Well by Doing Good

Americans have never stopped asking themselves what sets them apart from the rest. Rightly so. America was different in its formative years, and it's different now.

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April 16, 2014