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George P. Shultz

Paradise Lost: The Ordeal of Kashmir

The tortured history of the Princely State, one which may be today's ground zero in Asia.

The Most Dangerous Country

A close look at North Korea, a country with a demonstrated capacity for coming up with unpleasant surprises.

Greece: Like Any Other European Country?

Greece is fundamentally a status quo country in part of the world where the status quo is being challenged from many directions. Its future prosperity and security depend on reforms at home and a more prudent diplomacy.

China and the Quest for Dignity

Dignity is an essential concept that connects two objectives usually regarded as conflicting in contemporary China--individual rights and self-determination within its discourse on national rights.

Mayday for Oslo

The approaching deadline for final status negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians threatens the Oslo process. But an arbitrary piece of scheduling should not be allowed to dictate events.

Franz Josef Clinton

Without realizing it, the United States is taking over the role of the Habsburg Empire in the Balkans, a role that it is ill-equipped to play.

Books & Reviews

You Had To Be There

A legacy besmirched: an ill-informed portrait of the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

Reagan's Plan

Despite protestations to the contrary, Reagan did have a grand strategy.

How the West Was Spun

Christopher Coker's Twilight of the West looks at present geopolitical trends and predicts the West's dissolution; David Gress, in From Plato to Nato, sees them as yet another episode in the long struggle between the mainstream W

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April 18, 2014