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All the World's A Stage: America's Image in the Muslim World

"Simply put, America’s image in much of the Muslim world remains abysmal." With the deepening and unrelenting challenges we face in the Middle East, how much has America’s image in the Muslim world declined?

A Conversation Continued: Debating Democracy

In the opening round of an exchange on democracy promotion that will continue over the coming weeks, five TNI authors examine themes and questions raised in Paul Saunders's essay.

An Axis of Democracy?

History kept India and Israel apart. But times have changed. Will strategic necessity keep them together?

The New Axis of Oil

A structural shift in energy markets creates new geopolitics.

A Fragile Consensus

Unlike the Iraq War, the Iranian nuclear crisis will not convulse transatlantic relations--for the time being.

A New Forum for Peace

A proposal for transforming the six-party talks on North Korea into a security system for northeast Asia.


The New Old World

Obama is unwise to ignore Europe—especially as a strengthened EU develops a common foreign policy.

The New Year

Foreign policy will be the crucial political battleground of 2010—and it will make or break Obama’s presidency.

A New Monroe Doctrine

If Moscow wants good relations with Washington, it needs to stop meddling in Latin America.

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April 20, 2014