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Greenhouse gas inventory

Climatic Engineering

Using science to shape our stratosphere: The solutions to global warming may be found not just on the ground but in the skies.

Living Dangerously, Georgian-Style

In a new blog post, TNI Publisher Dimitri K. Simes examines the ongoing crisis between Russia and Georgia—and the damage it could do to U.S.-Russian relations.

Breathing Room(1)

U.S. policy in Iraq—and elsewhere around the world—ought to be based on reality. Iraq is already a partitioned country. Recognizing that allows us to craft a strategy to salvage success.

Oil Price Warfare(1)

Winning wars in the future may depend not only on how many troops you can put into the field but for how long you can afford to pay high prices for gasoline.

Warming to Climate Change

Kyoto is upside down; America needs a sensible energy policy to fight global warming.

Comments & Responses

Conrad Black responds to Robert Tucker and David Hendrickson


A Dead End

Copenhagen won’t work. Obama should focus instead on working with the top twenty emitters.

Sins of Emission

If Obama wants a deal at Copenhagen, he needs to focus on Europe—not just China.

A Green Diplomat

If Obama wants an international climate-change deal, he’ll have to convince China to accept one as well. Is he experienced enough to convince Beijing to join him?

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April 20, 2014