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The Present Danger

A policy of boldness, twenty-first century vision.

Kofi's Rule

Kofi Annan has promulgated a new rule for the conduct of international affairs. But there were difficulties in applying it, in the case if the weak as well as the strong.

NATO and Kosovo

The writer accuses Christopher Layne and Benjamin Schwarz of blaming the victims and exonerating the perpetrators in Kosovo.  The authors respond.

The Short, Unhappy Life of Humanitarian War

Kosovo was a new kind of war, one fought for humanitarian purposes. It will be the last of its kind.

For the Record

As we contemplate the results of victory in Kosovo, it is time to sort fact from fiction concerning American intervention.

The Future of Nationalism

A combination of fatigue and the declining importance of the state may make this divisive ideology easier to handle in the next century.

Franz Josef Clinton

Without realizing it, the United States is taking over the role of the Habsburg Empire in the Balkans, a role that it is ill-equipped to play.

Kosovo: Only Independence Will Work

The continuation of the West's present policy on the other hand, far from solving Kosovo's problems, will only make them--and those of the whole Balkan region--far more lethally insoluble in the future.

The Demons of Kosovo

The competing claims of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo have been hopelessly tangled in the webs of history and myth.

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April 17, 2014