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Getting Human Rights Sanctions Right

Carefully crafting laws like the one responding to the death of Sergei Magnitsky will maximize their moral legitimacy—and their impact.

The Real Message of the 9/11 Mosque

Sure, Arabs in the Muslim world will welcome the 9/11 mosque. But not for the reason that President Obama hopes they will.

Resetting Democracy

The only people who can push Russia toward democracy are Russians.


It's Time for America to Downsize

Closing "the Lippmann gap" could make or break Obama's presidency.

How A Republican Congress Will Investigate Obama

Republicans are more likely to start an avalanche of investigations into the Obama administration—beginning with Guantanamo—than usher in an era of bipartisanship.

The Obama-Bush Administration

Further evidence that President Obama is borrowing from George W. Bush when it comes to fighting terrorism.

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The Age of Woman

Can women keep us safe? For all the talk of a rise of women to positions of power, there is still a dearth of the female perspective in national security. With the unprecedented appointment of three women to some of the highest posts in the new ad

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April 19, 2014