International relations Commentary

Entrapment and Abandonment in Asia

China's rise is creating complex forces in U.S. relations with key Asian states.

Scandals Harm U.S. Soft Power

The world will not respect the American model as much now.

Will Rice Wreck Obama's Presidency?

As the hawkish new national-security adviser starts, the risk of a legacy-ruining entanglement goes up.

Berlin and the Arms-Control Debate

The president's speech on nuclear weapons and new guidance materials were a sensible step forward for U.S. policy.

Cyberwar and the Nuclear Option

It would be a mistake to take nuclear retaliation off the table against even the most grievous cyberattacks.

Nostalgia Is Not Strategy

Obama's Berlin speech chose to bask in the glory of Cold War triumph rather than address present strategic troubles. 

Asia Pivot, Step One: Ease Gulf Worries

A clearer, deeper relationship with the GCC can help the United States shift its energies.

A New Declaration of Interdependence

A survey of key actors shows readiness for the trade pact with Europe.

Wasting Time in Belfast

Little progress on substantive issues will be made at the G-8 summit.

Little Hope for Substance from G-8 Summit

Scandals, and Putin, stand in the way of major developments.

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April 18, 2014