International relations Commentary

Shadow boxing with shadow governments: Hizballah, Hamas, other groups will prove elusive adversaries

Engaging in unconventional diplomacy with these actors today could avert unconventional warfare tomorrow.

Neocons Amid Lebanon's Rubble: A Challenge to Krauthammer's Israel-as-Strategic-Asset Argument

War creates both physical and ideological casualties.

Putin-Up Close, Sans Soul Gazing: Amid a Small Gathering, the Russian President Talks Tough to America

Nixon Center Executive Director & Publisher of The National Interest Online Paul J. Saunders examines Russian relations with the U.S., China, and Iran after a meeting of Western experts with Vladimir Putin.

Lebanon's Aftershocks: 7.0 on Geopolitical Richter Scale

The summer war erupted and escalated due to the miscalculations of its protagonists, Nasrallah and Olmert-weakening both. It shifted the focus from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to confronting a "quartet of extremism."

Ten Lessons for Nation-Building

After tours  in Afghanistan and Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad will return stateside to replace John Bolton as America's ambassador to the United Nations. Here's what he had to say on nation building in 2005.

The Waking Dragon

The conventional wisdom-put forward by China itself-is that China never entangles itself in international disputes that do not directly threaten China's national interest.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense for China's Navy

Western analysts are fond of describing Chinese foreign policy in terms of the Great Wall.

A Cautious Reprise of Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations

The peaceful and moderately fair Palestinian election of Mahmoud Abbas on January 9 spawned an optimistic fervor among Israelis and Palestinians alike-not to mention foreign intellectuals and policy makers.

Europe after the 'Non' and 'Nee'

Only thirteen months ago the mood across Europe was so different, as fireworks lit up the skies to mark the accession of 10 new countries to the European Union - overwhelmingly former Communist countries from Central Europe.

Finally Rolling Up Armsleeves?

The outcome of the French and Dutch referendums should be regarded as a chance to definitely change something about the Union's status.

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April 20, 2014