International relations Commentary

Mr. Erdogan Goes to Shanghai

Turkey shouldn't fall for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Strange Politics of U.S.-EU Free Trade

Normally special-interest groups harmed by competition can fight free trade. Where did they go?

Challenge China on North Korea

Washington must convince Beijing that North Korean provocations are not in anyone's interest.

The Myth of a Natural Gas OPEC

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum isn't going to be fixing prices anytime soon.

Rand Paul's Seminal Speech

The Kentucky senator wants to generate debate in the halls of orthodoxy.

The Lasting Price of Sanctions

Will penalties imposed on Iran result in the same kind of unintended consequences seen in Iraq?

Evaluating Hillary

Was she really that good?

Forget Asia – Time to Pivot to Europe

A United States-European Union free-trade proposal will be a big opportunity for the Obama administration. 

A Report Card for Hillary

The outgoing secretary of state may not have had any headline-grabbing achievements, but she was still successful.

Russia and Obama's Second Term

There is little potential for a broad strategic dialogue between Washington and Moscow.

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April 19, 2014