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Iran–Israel relations

Israel's Fight-or-Flight Response

A nuclear Iran may not be the biggest threat to Israel. Fear is a danger in and of itself.


The Day After a Strike on Iran

The price of a war must be carefully counted.

Israel Divided over Attacking Iran

A nuclear Tehran threatens the Jewish state's very existence. But a conflagration could envelop the entire region. Israel prepares for the most important decision in its history.

Crazy like a Fox: Business Leader Maurice R. Greenberg Describes Ahmadinejad's Performance

Greenberg takes us into the members-only event yesterday with President Ahmadinejad at the Council on Foreign Relations.


How Close Did the United States Come to Launching a War against Iran?

There is something worse than a nuclear Iran: war with a (potentially nuclear) Iran.

Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Timetable

Why are Israeli officials suddenly so sanguine about Iran's nuclear-weapons program?

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April 24, 2014