Iran – United States relations Commentary

Mullahs & Generals

Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have no legitimacy. To survive, they may make Iran a military dictatorship.

Iran's Failed Revolution

Why America will be facing an even more staunchly anti-U.S., pronuclear government in Tehran.

Radio Free Iran

Iran’s brutal crackdown on reformist protestors can’t stop the flow of information. International news services are feeding Iranians with a diet of unbiased information—and could contribute to the collapse of the regime.

Misreading Tehran

America’s Iran watchers blew it. To make sure we aren’t caught by surprise with Tehran’s politics again, we need to understand the deep republican streak of the Iranian people—and the lengths to which their leaders will go to stifle it.

The Un-Islamic Republic

The time for restraint in the Iranian election dispute has passed. America must throw its rhetorical weight behind the demonstrators and push for harsh sanctions to undermine the clerical regime.

Shunning the Mullahs

Iran is seeing its greatest crisis since the 1979 Revolution. If America avoids legitimizing the regime, the government may well fall.

Sanctioning Tehran

Regardless of what happens in Iran, Obama needs to rethink his approach to the country. A joint sanctions regime with the EU would squeeze the mullahs and force them to consider reform.

A Vote of No Confidence

Iran’s election reminds us of the country’s lack of transparency—which makes it harder to believe Tehran’s assertions about its nuclear program.

Mugging the Mullahs

America’s sanctions against Iran are working better as of late. To turn up the heat even more, we should start a run on the rial.

Testing Tehran

America needs to strategize for any potential summit with Iran. By using quiet negotiations now, we can avoid major embarrassment if a future meeting ends up failing.

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April 18, 2014