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Iraq sanctions

Canaries in the Cooling Tower

Weapons inspections are frequently derided as the most feckless tool in our nonproliferation arsenal. In our July/August issue, the head of the Iraq Survey Group runs us through his surreal experience.

Anatomy of a Farce

U.S. diplomacy in the Persian Gulf region has created a no-win proposition whose dangers far transcend the local security environment

Foreign Policy by Posse

There is increasing consideration of (and, in some quarters, consternation about) what might be dubbed "the new unilateralism," the practice of the United States going it alone in the world. It merits attention.


Humanitarian Aid or Feeding Tyranny:The Need to Politicize International Aid

According to its now classic articulation in the Fundamental Principles of the International Committee of the Red Cross, humanitarian action is above politics and concerned only with bringing relief to those most in need.

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April 19, 2014