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Tear Gas over Batamaloo

Angry protests and brutal crackdowns are nothing new to Kashmir. Neither is the intrigue between India and Pakistan. What has changed is Kashmiris' renunciation of violence—and a reawakened desire for autonomy.

Rogue Operators

Think that state sponsors of terror are pulling all the strings? Think again. Countries like Iran and Syria may play a big role in the terrorism underworld, but they’re quickly losing control over rogues that bite the hands that once fed them.

The Pakistani Pivot

On September 10, 2001, Pakistan was a country of secondaryinterestto the United States.

Paradise Lost: The Ordeal of Kashmir

The tortured history of the Princely State, one which may be today's ground zero in Asia.


A New Approach for Kashmir

The United States should press India and Pakistan to recognize the Line of Control as their final border.

Russian Roulette in South Asia

The India-Pakistan conflict over the Siachen glacier is heating up again. The next war could be over a frozen wasteland.

Averting an Indo-Pak Disaster

How to get the two most suspicious armies on the planet to give up some weapons. 


Zero Sum in South Asia

President Obama tiptoes between India and Pakistan.

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April 18, 2014