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Battlefield: El Paso

Obama is planning to give illegal immigrants a fairer shake. But our flood of illegals, mostly from Mexico, is one of our own making. A more laissez-faire attitude is key.

Canaries in the Cooling Tower

Weapons inspections are frequently derided as the most feckless tool in our nonproliferation arsenal. In our July/August issue, the head of the Iraq Survey Group runs us through his surreal experience.

Tithing at the Crude Altar

Let the market rule. As oil sources from the Western Hemisphere begin to dry up, we will increasingly turn to dictatorships for our supplies. But we shouldn't shackle ourselves to nefarious governments.

Armageddon in Islamabad

Don’t be fooled by the recent positive news from Islamabad. We face the potential of a nuclear-armed state run by Islamic extremists. The consequences of a Taliban-led takeover of Islamabad would be devastating.

Tyranny for the Commons Man

Six billion people are now sharing one planet, one water supply and limited energy resources with a grab-first-ask-questions-later mentality. But there is hope. New insights into human psychology can help manage everything from environmental negot

Two Indias

In its recent election, New Delhi avoided the perils of identity politics. But the center governs neither wisely nor well.

Republican Reckoning

Mismanaged for eight years by the Bush administration, the Republican Party is in peril. Neoconservative table scraps are neither appropriate nor wise. But the GOP has another foreign-policy tradition to which it can turn. Presidents from Eisenhow

A Subversive on a Hill

With America mired in two wars and our economy in shambles, the chorus of declinists has returned. But the United States will endure because it is an elastic power.

Two-Part Czar

The Russian leadership lives in a tension-ridden house. Putin and Medvedev’s tandem system is beginning to falter. The recession has exposed frictions between the two men and revealed Putin’s inadequacies...

Slouching Toward Jerusalem

The United States has been a surprisingly ineffectual Middle East peacemaker. Clinton’s overenthusiasm and Bush’s lack of interest caused us to lose our credibility with both Israel and Palestine.

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April 20, 2014