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The Ambiguous Way Forward

Sharon got out of Gaza. Now what?

A Pessimist of Promise

If the trenches of the First World War were not enough to cast doubt upon the idea of progress' prospects, certainly Auschwitz and Hiroshima more than sufficed. The holdouts thereafter--those liberals and Marxists still upholding the Enlightenment

The Common Sense

A policy consensus is emerging that stresses economic enrichment through open markets, allows for the inclusion of less developed countries with their acts together and seeks to alleviate or at least contain troubles in other parts of the world at

After the Miracle: Can South Africa Be a Normal State?

South Africa today, to paraphrase Marx, is haunted by a specter: the specter of the rest of Africa. This ghost hovers not only over whites, and over investors who are influenced by them, but over blacks as well.

Volkogonov's Journey

The "park of fallen heroes" is the ironical name Muscovites have given to the patch of waste land across Krymsky Val from Gorky Park, where the statues of Soviet leaders are dumped.

Corridors of Silence

Today, Washington views Italy in a different light than it used to.


Is There a New Netanyahu?

From Rabin to Livni, Israeli hawks have a history of mellowing with age. Some think Bibi has, too.

Netanyahu's Allies and Adversaries

What Obama needs to know about the new Israeli government.

The Demographic Roots of Israel's Right Turn

Though the right didn't do as well as expected in last week's election, it's still palpably stronger than in the old days.


Regime Change in Israel

It doesn't matter what Netanyahu really thinks. If he keeps pandering to Israel's right wing, a change is in order.

Books & Reviews

Pericles and 'Big Bill' Thomson

James Ceaser's Reconstructing America locates the "real America" in the ideas and values of the Founders. But a purely political conception of America is inadequate.

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April 20, 2014