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The Israel lobby controversy shows how some substitute character assasination for serious debate.  American national interests suffer.


Israel's Bogeyman

The campaign against Chas Freeman was a waste of time. People concerned about Israel’s safety should worry about Iran, not some minor bureaucrat.

A Free Man?

Is Chas Freeman an honest patriot or a Saudi stooge? Either way, he’s become a proxy for a wider battle over our Middle East policy.

Israeli Imbroglio

The Israeli-American relationship may be souring once again. What the newest spy scandal means for Israeli security.


How to Lobby for a Foreign Government (and not get arrested)

When Israel does it, it's lobbying. When Pakistan does it, it's a sinister plot by evil spies. You say potato; I say hypocrisy.

Hooray, K Street Is Back!

The media licks its lips at reports that the newest congressmen are already succumbing to those evil lobbyists. Maybe the freshmen are savvier than we thought.

Books & Reviews

The Tao of the Arab Center

The Bush administration may have gotten a lot wrong, but there is still hope for America’s policy in the Middle East. Three books shed some light on how the United States can get over Iraq.

Reflections from the Right

The conservative movement is cracking up—just look at three memoirs of former administration officials. These new books may engage in justification and self-aggrandizement, but they do prescribe salves for fixing the conservative experiment.

Bridge On The River Euphrates

The much-vaunted surge has made Iraq safer. But more boots in the desert is not the only reason security has improved. As U.S. forces get ready to leave, we have to face some inconvenient political realities.

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April 20, 2014