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Mao Zedong

China on the March

Dos and Don’ts for U.S. strategic planners when it comes to dealing with China.

Paradigm Lost

We have long underestimated China's potential. But overestimating it will be just as bad for U.S. policy formulation.

China Studies in McCarthy's Shadow: A Personal Memoir

Great differences among academics and personal antagonisms in their fields of specialization are common in the best of times.

Mao in History

During the first decades of Mao's China, a time of American self-confidence and strong sense of purpose spurred by the World War II victory, U.S. Sinology for the most part took on an "idealist" rather than a "realist" orientation: hopeful about s


China: Mao or Markets?

Reading the revival of leftist rhetoric in Beijing.

Xi's Reforms Face Big Obstacles

The old ways are too entrenched for the new president to uproot.

Why Reform Eludes China

Inertia has become the name of the game.


China, Old and New

The old days of back-room machinations under Mao Zedong are gone for good.

Books & Reviews

Big Ideas, Big Problems

Policy decisions suffer when the rational center remains silent and catchphrases take over the debate.

Communist Crowd Control

The secretly constructed record of the Communist Party decision to crack down on Tiananmen protesters rings true to an old China hand.

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April 16, 2014