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The Case for Norman Angell

He said that economic interdependence had made war obsolete. Four years later, World War One turned him into a laughingstock. Yet his later career saw him abandon many of his own illusions.

A Sadly Simplistic Afghan Debate

Nixon's handling of Vietnam and China could offer insights for Obama in Afghanistan.

All Kayani's Men

American pressure on Islamabad to crack down on insurgents threatens to split the military in two.

Japan, LLP

Tokyo has by turns been seen as a promising newcomer, an evil enemy, a dedicated junior partner, a serious economic and technological threat, and now a strategic disappointment. This attitude is detrimental to Washington and Tokyo alike.

War From Cyberspace

As Obama appoints Howard A. Schmidt to a new cybersecurity post, former cyberczar Richard Clarke shows America is the most vulnerable country in the world.

Curse of the Khyber Pass

Afghanistan is a losing battle. Former-CIA officer Milton Bearden argues the Obama administration should turn to the provinces for answers—and consider arming the militias. Full article 


Syria: The Search for a Precedent

Kosovo and Operation Desert Fox are cited, yet Grenada is a better analogue.

No, NATO Shouldn't Let Georgia In

Should Washington extend a military guarantee that might require going to war against a nuclear-armed power over issues of minimal interest to America?

Yes, NATO Should Let Georgia In

It's in American interests to support the Caucasian republic.


Strategy vs. Jointness

Military budget cuts can induce competition that saves money and improves strategic thought. The national interest is to let the services fight it out.

David Petraeus and the Afghanistan Report Card

Accusations about politicized intelligence and manipulated analyses fly as Petraeus settles in at the Agency.

A Unified Security Budget for the United States

Why our expansive military spending is not keeping us safe.

Books & Reviews

The McChrystal Way of War

The general was an innovative thinker in the midst of major changes in the Army.

A Warrior Ethos

Counterinsurgency is not a cure-all. Local allegiances will always trump the might of the invader. Washington’s insistence that the troops turn Kabul into a functioning democracy will only erode the military's fighting spirit.

In the Shadow of War

Western society tends to see disaster all around, from climate change to terrorism. But we live in a time of unbridled prosperity. Our age has nowhere near as great a measure of crisis as the age of total war.

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April 18, 2014