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Military science

Arm Wrestling

As Russia and the United States break the armistice, will China play referee?

Three Years and You're Out

If you can't beat 'em, keep trying to beat 'em? The United States needs a new counterinsurgency strategy—and soon.

Brussels Unbound

The EU has "unilateralist" ambitions.

From Awakening to War

Without quick mediation, the politicization of religion could lead to conflict.

A Strategic Defense Initiative

This is not your father's "Star Wars." Missile Defense is real, it's coming, and it will be a indispensible instrument of American power.

Continental Divides

It took awhile--more than a dozen years, in point of fact--but the natural tendency in international politics for states to balance against the power of a hegemon has emerged. In western Europe, of all places.


The Army's Learning-and-Adapting Dogma

The U.S. military, and especially the U.S. Army, obsess with tactics and tricks at the expense of strategy.

The Coming Nuclear War with...the Soviet Union?

Our nuclear forces are as ready as ever to keep the USSR in line.

A Cheaper, Stronger Army

A smart reorganization could make the U.S. Army more mighty, even after sequestration.

Books & Reviews

Dilemmas of the Modern Navy

The maritime services are under growing strain. But is there really no alternative to U.S. sea hegemony in the same form we have seen it in since 1945?

A God For All Seasons

Scholars of international relations have only recently begun to appreciate the power of religion. Their next step is to get religion right. No longer mysterious and magical, modernity has demystified the Higher Power.

Raising Jihad

Instead of turning back Islamism, military interventions lead large swaths of local populations to pick up arms in defense of their homelands

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April 17, 2014