Mitt Romney Commentary

The Neocon GOP: By Design or Default?

A review of the Republican candidates' foreign-policy pronouncements. George W. Bush-style policy is alive and well.

The Rebel-in-Chief

Will the 2012 election be tailor-made for Sarah Palin?

She's Still Here

Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere—and she has a good shot at getting the GOP nomination in 2012.

Deconstructing McCain

Presidential candidate John McCain is now being lauded for his “independence” on domestic issues and “toughness” on foreign policy. But would he really make a good commander in chief?

Jacob's Jottings: Outlook 2008

How will the War on Terror play out? Who will win the presidential nominations? What's in store for Pakistan and Russia? Senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn makes his predictions.

Brainwashed in Boston?

Governor Romney is so vociferously misinformed on Iranian leaders, only one explanation seems plausible: the Romney family malady.

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April 16, 2014