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The Kremlin Begs To Differ

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. The population, however, is satisfied with the status quo...for now.

The Road to Moscow

Since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy toward Russia has been dismissive of Russian interests. Acknowledging that a country has separate aims does not mean we cannot work toward common goals.

Arrested Development

If developed countries fail to effectively enforce the oecd Anti-Bribery Convention, all anti-corruption efforts in the developing world will suffer.

A Low, Dishonest Decadence: A Letter from Moscow

It is shortsighted to judge Russia's progress by superficial materialist measures--or have we forgotten what the Cold War was really about? At a deeper social and spiritual level, the country remains in peril.

The Political Roots of Poverty: The Economic Logic of Autocracy

Foreign aid misapplied can lengthen the tenure of bad governments. A guide to understanding and engaging difficult development partners.

Poor Kyrgyzstan

A snapshot of how well-intended but misguided development assistance has failed one of America's new Central Asian partners.


Russia's Military on the March in Asia

Massive maneuvers in Asia are meant to serve as a signal. 

Russia's Homeland Insecurity

Think the Kremlin will do everything in its power to prevent another terrorist attack? Don't bet on it.

Ignoring Russia

Obama should have gone to Moscow’s Victory Day Parade. Small slights to Russia won’t help us get its cooperation on bigger issues like Iran.

Books & Reviews

Revolutionary Nepotism

Why "keeping it in the family" remains popular under dictatorships--and democracies.

European Hamiltonians

François Duchêne, Jean Monnet: The First Statesman of Interdependence (New York: W.

The Future of Equality

Thomas Sowell's Race and Culture provides ample documentation as to the importance of culture as a component of human capital, one that is critical in determining individual and national performance. In his usual feisty way, Sowell is eager to deb

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April 16, 2014