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Muslim Brotherhood

The Salafi Awakening

In the wake of Egypt’s revolution and subsequent elections, Westerners have focused on the Muslim Brotherhood. But the Egyptian Salafis, more fundamentalist than the Brotherhood, bear watching as well.

Islamism: R.I.P.

Violent and preoccupied with power, Islamist ideology is a shell game whose time is up.


Morocco as Role Model

Egypt, Syria, and the rest of the Arab world could learn from Morocco's peaceful and plural society.

Arab Spring or Islamic Spring?

The relations between Islamist and nationalist politics are more complicated than one would expect.

The Egypt Aid Dilemma

The challenge of the Brotherhood, terror and money.


Michele Bachmann's Plot To Defame Huma Abedin

The congresswoman and her conspiracy-theorist confreres are fighting phantasms. 

A Pragmatic President in Arabia

What the new Egyptian leaders first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia reveals about his presidency.

Political Chaos in Egypt

What the latest upheaval tells us about the prospects for a democratic transition. 

Books & Reviews

Qutb and the Jews

The conventional wisdom says Sayyid Qutb is the forefather of modern-day Islamic fundamentalism. What is less known is how the thinker's intense anti-Semitism and contempt for female sexuality contributed to this vulgar worldview.

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April 16, 2014