NATO Commentary

Coalition of the Unable

All eyes at the upcoming NATO summit will be focused on expansion and the Afghanistan operation, but leaders ignore another topic at the alliance’s peril: the widening gap in military capabilities between America and Europe.

Realpolitik Resurgent?

America’s heart tells it to defend small Eastern European states at all costs, but policy makers would come to a different conclusion if they used their heads.

Moving NATO Forward

NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer faces some major problems: Russia’s resurgence, enlargement of the alliance and stabilizing Pakistan, just to name a few. Is he up to the task?

No Way to Expand an Alliance

Some in Western Europe want to use the crackdown on opposition in Georgia as an excuse to further delay considering Tblisi’s application for NATO membership.

What's Happening with Missile Defense?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said today that the U.S. might delay the activation of the proposed missile defense system in Eastern Europe until a genuine threat emerges from Iran. Why the change in policy?

The Kouchner Gambit

What to make of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner’s recent statements on Iran and missile defense?

Negotiations, Not Ultimatums for Kosovo

Diplomacy has a chance in Kosovo—but U.S. politicians both in and out of government need to embrace negotiations, not ultimatums.

Palestinian Crisis

The ongoing crisis among the Palestinians presents no good or easy options for U.S. Policy, but we will still have to make choices.

The Gabala Gambit

Trading missile defense based in Poland and the Czech Republic for greater Russian cooperation on the Nunn-Lugar program.

Dealing with Russia: The Wrong Priorities

With tensions bubbling over at the G-8 between the United States and Russia, we have to wonder if Washington has any leverage left over Moscow on crucial security issues. Missile defense might provide some.

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April 19, 2014