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Can Real Regulatory Reform Lead to Job Growth?

The Bush Administration is feeling the heat.

Overcoming Ethnic Division in Iraq: A Practical Model from Europe

The problem is that after the long strategic use of fostering ethnic conflicts by Saddam Hussein to maintain power, the real struggles will come out fully only after the transition of power.

NATO's Drive to the East

Undoubtedly, the crisis over Iraq has severely divided NATO to the point where a veritable cottage industry has sprung to life proclaiming the end of NATO.

Romania's Black Sea Agenda -- and America's Interests

Why has Romania taken such an interest in the Black Sea at a time when so many of our partners seem more concerned with the Middle East or the Balkans?

Iran: Elections and Legitimacy

US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage recently referred to Iran as a "sort of democracy.

Immigration, Illusions and the 2004 Elections

President Bush's recently announced plan to extend temporary worker status to illegal immigrants residing in the United States appears to be little more than a gamble for Hispanic votes in the run-up to elections.

Iraqi Realists

Iraq's Governing Council appears to have a clear vision of their country's national interests--and this may bring them into greater conflict with their supporters in Washington.

Refusing Shareholders

"Foreign policy is the art of transforming power into consensus," former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said earlier this week during his remarks accepting the Distinguished Service Award at the annual dinner of The Nixon Center.

Advice and Responsibility

As an editor, I take very seriously the obligation that our publications present accurate facts and reasoned analysis.

Russia's Role in Nonproliferation: Obstacles and Opportunities

We need a sober and serious assessment of what is going on and what could be done by Russia and the United States in the area of nonproliferation after the Iraq war.

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April 20, 2014