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North Africa

Latter-Day Sultans

Armed with pitch-perfect talking points for the Facebook generation, a clique of fortunate sons in the Middle East is set to take over their fathers' sclerotic dictatorships. But this is not regime change. Monarchy is back.

Arab Spring Fever

All hope is not lost for democracy in the Middle East. Political pluralism may be taking root, but real change will not emerge on any U.S. administration’s timetable.

Uncle Sam in the Arab Street

If America promotes democracy in the Middle East, it must be prepared for some very unpleasant consequences.


Egypt: Balancing Interests Over Values

America must hold its nose in the short run, backing the regime but pushing liberalism later.

Egypt Will Rise Again

Though weak now, multiple forces will pull Egypt back to regional heft.

The Arabs Will Have Their Gettysburgs

A more hands-off Middle East policy—like Great Britain's approach to the Confederacy—is worth weighing.


Crunch Time, Delayed but not Avoided

Bosnia and Sudan await the day of reckoning.

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April 18, 2014