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Afghan government

Latter-Day Sultans

Armed with pitch-perfect talking points for the Facebook generation, a clique of fortunate sons in the Middle East is set to take over their fathers' sclerotic dictatorships. But this is not regime change. Monarchy is back.

How to Succeed in Politics

The Tea Party movement is blazing its agenda across America. But this is a movement without a cause. If the Whigs, Populists and Feminists can be co-opted by the Democrats and Republicans, this newest third party will suffer the same fate.

Grassroots Economics

The IMF has become little more than an abettor of bad policymaking. To avoid the next meltdown, the IMF must become a global advocacy group. Diplospeak is out; punchy prose and clear policy recommendations are in.

Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.

A Time to Appease

Appeaser! The worst insult to emerge from our political lexicon. As America grapples with exhausting overseas commitments, bringing our might to bear will require a new sort of History lesson.

All Kayani's Men

American pressure on Islamabad to crack down on insurgents threatens to split the military in two.


Why Afghanistan Doesn't Trust Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan's prime minister has two sides.

Will Afghanistan Take Central Asia Down with It?

Worries of a conflagration ignore the region's history.

Talking to the Taliban

Obama has seriously erred in letting talks with the Taliban interfere with more important priorities in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan, a Decade after 9/11

The top three things Washington needs to realize about the Afghan war—before it's too late.

The Blurry Line Between Victory and Defeat in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Where the good guys are bad and the bad guys are worse.

Phantom Forces II

Someone forgot to fund and build the infrastructure the Afghan security forces need.

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April 18, 2014