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American administration

Beyond American Hegemony

The United States should abandon its futile attempt to secure global hegemony in favor of a concert-of-power foreign-policy strategy.

Revolt of the Maccabees

The Biblical account tells a cautionary tale for Mid-East policy today—to those reading between the lines.

Slogan or Strategy?

Strategic Myopia

Why Anglos Lead

It's no accident of history that Anglo societies dominate the world order.


A Tale of Two Monasteries

A Christian church service that will either be a breakthrough in relations between Turkey and Armenia, or a disaster for the Turkish liberal elite.

Japan Can Defend Itself

Why is Japan still being protected by American marines?

Tokyo Rising

China’s growing strength is making its neighbors nervous—and less fearful of a fully rearmed Japan.

Books & Reviews

America Under the Caesars

Anti-interventionists allege our leaders traded a strong, austere republic for a weak and sprawling empire predicated on a military might that could not match our own ambitions. This narrative negates real threats and real victories.

Remember Prussia?

The improbable ascent, sudden collapse and subsequent re-imagination of Prussia.

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April 24, 2014