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Nuclear Abolition, A Reverie

The hope that we might one day rid the world of nuclear weapons is as old as the technology itself. Atomic destruction has always seemed too great a risk to bear. Yet a nuclear-free world is nothing but a dream—world government, a Praetorian Guard

Arm Wrestling

As Russia and the United States break the armistice, will China play referee?

Non-Proliferation Parody

In the previous issue of The National Interest, John Mueller argued that the threats from nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear war are exagger

Breaking More Naan with Delhi

The U.S.-India relationship has remained uncannily consistent. How to move ahead on this positive track.

Beyond the NRA Doctrine

America should join with Europe in aggressively policing proliferation.

Rethinking Non-Proliferation

Some states are more equal than others. America's non-proliferation strategy should reflect this reality.


Don't Rush START

The dialogue between the administration and the Senate on America’s nuclear force is too important to be hurried along.

Resetting Democracy

The only people who can push Russia toward democracy are Russians.

An American Treaty

The new arms deal with Russia is a historic achievement—for Obama. The Kremlin couldn’t care less and is focused on a wholly different set of foreign-policy issues.

Books & Reviews

Who Won the War?

In the Cold War, Reagan overreached--and hit the mark.

The Man Who Stood Up To Stalin

Jay Lovestone, America's leading cold warrior, was self-effacing and effective.

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April 18, 2014