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British intelligence

The Three Rs: Rivalry, Russia, 'Ran

If we want to calm Iran's nuclear ambitions, we're going to need to brush up on our diplomatic basics.


Congress: Your Guide to the Syria Vote

A look through the arguments and the interests at stake.

Spies Among Us

Moscow should be grateful that the arrest of ten alleged Russian spies brought an end to a costly and ineffective government program.

Tony Blair and the Death of the Special Relationship

The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, survived a nerve-racking test on the controversial issue of university finance, by a mere five votes in the House of Commons.

Books & Reviews

Being Blunt

The book is a novel, one of several by Mr. Banville, and yet as Knopf's classification suggests (and as it seems, in keeping with the literary rage these days), it is not to be taken as a novel only.

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April 17, 2014