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Catholic Church

St. Peter and the Minarets

The Catholic Church is under assault. A secularizing West, the encroachment of Islam into Europe, and the sexual-abuse scandal all threaten the Vatican's ability to influence the masses. The Church's response will be felt worldwide.

Made in America

America still retains its innovative edge over China and India. But as long as Washington continues to handpick winners and losers, our preeminence is in jeopardy.

Not the Faith of Their Fathers

Two unlikely adherents to their respective faiths, Bush and Blair find peace in war.


France's Peculiar Same-Sex Marriage Debate

The discussion took a decidedly different character than in the United States.

The Appeal of Francis

The selection of the Argentine was a smart political move.

Blog before Reading in Tehran

Unfortunately, articles don't allow authors to say everything they believe relevant on a given topic. In this case, U.S. policy toward Iran.

Books & Reviews

A Warrior Ethos

Counterinsurgency is not a cure-all. Local allegiances will always trump the might of the invader. Washington’s insistence that the troops turn Kabul into a functioning democracy will only erode the military's fighting spirit.

Passions of Pope Victor

As Europe secularized and the global South becomes the new market for potential converts, Christianity is undergoing a painful evolution.

The Willing Misinterpreter

Despite Goldhagen's extraordinary claims, he himself concedes in his unwittingly revealing afterword that he is not presenting much in the way of original research.

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April 19, 2014