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Is This Really Necessary?

President Obama hasn’t done much for world peace. Why is he getting a Nobel Prize?

Not Even A Bronze

President Obama's failed Olympic pitch reveals holes in his rhetoric and an inability to prioritize.

Obstinate Mullahs

We can’t persuade Iran to stop its nuclear-weapons program. The best Obama can do is hasten the regime’s internal implosion.

Don't Speak

Talking with Iran will give the mullahs legitimacy and betray the Iranian people—and it won’t stop Tehran’s nuclear program either.

A New Monroe Doctrine

If Moscow wants good relations with Washington, it needs to stop meddling in Latin America.

Talking with Tehran

Don’t get your hopes up. The talks between Iran and the West won’t produce anything but hot air.

Bombed Out

Let’s face it: stopping Iran’s nuclear program is not the central organizing principle of U.S. foreign policy.

Another Roadmap

By encouraging equal diplomacy with both Israel and the Arab states, President Obama’s new peace plan is remarkably similar to Bush’s—George H.W. Bush’s, that is.

Bipolar Pyongyang

A seemingly repentant North Korea is ready to negotiate, but the six-party talks are not enough. The administration should have a bilateral heart-to-heart with the Kim Jong Il regime. Then our allies can help seal the deal.

Tokyo Drift

Japan’s new government wants to transform the country’s foreign policy, including its alliance with America. Will Tokyo and Washington have a falling out?

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April 24, 2014