Department of State Commentary

Evaluating Hillary

Was she really that good?

How to Work with Russia on Syria

Muscovite minds are opening to the possibility of a solution.

The Frivolous U.S.-Russian Relationship

Moscow and Washington get petty.

Western Europe vs. Religious Freedom

Internationally protected rights of religious expression are under increasing pressure.

Obama Absent from the Middle East

The administration has been consistently ineffectual in a crucial region.

Can Pakistan Lead Afghan Peace?

Kabul is pursuing a Pakistan-brokered deal with the Taliban. It won't work.

Foreign Money and Revolving Doors

Susan Rice's controversial lobbying for Rwanda highlights a problem with high-level appointees.

The U.S.-Russian Antarctic Thaw

Relations with Moscow aren't great, but new cooperation at the South Pole offers hope.

Time to End the Cuba Embargo

Trade restrictions have been failing to bring down the Castros for fifty years. Why not try something different?

Egyptian Tyranny and American Values

Reformers in Cairo are mad about Washington's tepid response to Morsi's power grab.

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April 21, 2014