Department of State Commentary

Slow Train to Brussels

The EU’s response to the economic crisis is limited because it has to be. The union has always balanced national interests with supranational ones.

Preview of Controversial Israel Article

The small state needs all deterrents it can obtain, but it also may have to adopt a low profile in order to survive.

Abandoning Burma

What’s happening in Burma is a tragedy. Now Washington should step up to the plate.

Israeli Imbroglio

The Israeli-American relationship may be souring once again. What the newest spy scandal means for Israeli security.

Iraq in Perspective

Amidst all the talk of troop numbers, drawdowns and militia crackdowns, TNI makes sense of the Iraq situation.

Hillary's Balkan "Experience"

Hillary Clinton claims she has “experience” in the Balkans. Only problem is, her husband's administration badly mishandled the Kosovo War of 1999.

NI Online's Continuing Russia Coverage

Six Russia-watchers weigh in on the Russian elections, the internal state of the country, and Vladimir Putin's nomination of a successor.

Putin's Heir?: NI Online's Continuing Russia Coverage

After Vladimir Putin’s announcement today that he would support Dimitri Medvedev to be the next Russian president, Nikolas K. Gvosdev gives some perspective.

Iran's Nuclear Diplomacy

On Monday at The Nixon Center, two Iran watchers gave their thoughts on Washington’s policy, discussed Tehran’s intentions, touched on the prospects for democracy in Iran and speculated on the possible consequences of war in the Gulf.

The Russian Elections: NI Online's Continuing Coverage

In the aftermath of the resounding victory of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, observers are struggling to get a handle on the situation.

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April 24, 2014