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Duke University

The Gap

The directors of an ambitious project on civil-military relations detail their findings and plumb the divide between soldiers and civilians.


The Real Message of the 9/11 Mosque

Sure, Arabs in the Muslim world will welcome the 9/11 mosque. But not for the reason that President Obama hopes they will.

Mosque Anxiety

Germany and Indonesia certainly have a radical Islam problem. Stymieing the construction of mosques here is a surefire way to create one in the U.S. as well.

Books & Reviews

The Truth About China

Martin Jacques’s just-released tome breathlessly informs us that China will soon rule the world. Its culture will dominate the West. Its military will threaten our own. Its authoritarian system will become an alternative to liberal democracy.

T for Terrorist

Hollywood romanticizes terror - Nir Rosen exposes it.

Another National Party No More?

Today's conservatives can learn from their Tory forbears.

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April 25, 2014