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The Power of Moore's Law in a World of Geotechnology

Huge technological leaps are coming, and they're already creating a new realm of interstate competition.

Zoroaster and the Ayatollahs

Iran's culture wars between its Persian imperial past and Arab Muslim influence have been raging since long before the 1979 revolution. 

If Israel Attacks

As things stand, if Iran continues on its path toward obtaining the bomb, Israel will strike, and the consequences would be disastrous for the entire world. Here's how America can convince Israel to live with a nuclear Iran.

Dreams of Babylon

Iraq is not yesterday’s war. If Obama withdraws too quickly, the tenuous peace will collapse.

Slouching Toward Jerusalem

The United States has been a surprisingly ineffectual Middle East peacemaker. Clinton’s overenthusiasm and Bush’s lack of interest caused us to lose our credibility with both Israel and Palestine.

A Sit-Down with Brent Scowcroft

The principles of transformationalism—idealism spread by the barrel of a gun—have been central to America’s foreign-policy failings over the last eight years. With a new leadership in power, Washington has a chance to right past wrongs. But that w


Israel, Syria and American Moral Hazard

Why do Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others clamor for an intervention they could carry out themselves?

Syria: World Sees Way Out in Lavrov Proposal

Caught between Obama's interventionism and Putin's defense of national sovereignty über alles, an international solution is attractive to many.

Syria and North Korea: A Real Axis of Evil

Pyongyang's history with the Assad regime isn't getting enough attention.


Sadr Returns

The latest move by the anti-American cleric is a sign that Iranian influence in Iraq is on the rise.

Conflict in Lebanon? The Broader Dimensions Behind “STL”

The results of the Special Tribune for Lebanon could reignite civil war—or worse, conflict with Israel.

Impose a Peace

President Obama's New Year's resolution should be to push through a peace agreement in the Middle East.

Books & Reviews


Morris turns to the origins of the one-state and two-state conceptions. It helps explain how the Israelis and Palestinians got themselves into this intractable conflict in the first place.

Revivalism, Shi‘a Style

Energized Shi‘a represent a powerful challenge to Sunni extremism and jihadism.

Woodward's Post-Electoral Prophecy

This article was originally published on October 26. Given Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's resignation, it is being republished.

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April 24, 2014