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The Indonesian Debacle: What Americans Need to Know and Do

The implications of Indonesia's internal problems go well beyond its boundaries.

Responses to Mallaby

Chalmers Johnson, Martin Feldstein and Francis Fukuyama

In Asia's Mirror: From Commodore Perry to the IMF

Asia has, in its moments of crisis, been forced to open up to the West before. These openings have been attended by an interesting kaleidoscope of moods, their usual pattern neatly captured in the life of just one man, both hero and anti-hero of t

Korea: A Time to be Bold?

A new strategy toward North Korea might just enable us to recover custody of our policy from fate.

Yeltsin: the Problem, Not the Solution

Too much of Western energy, resources, and political capital has been sunk into schemes whose primary goal is propping up Yeltsin's regime, while not listening to what Russians themselves want and need.

Is Asia's High Growth Era Over?

Since the mid-1980s, Western academics and policymakers have regardedthe "tiger" economies of East Asia as an interesting intellectuallaboratory for debating theories about the causes of economic growth.

Pat's World

Until now, and the question of trade apart, foreign policy has not figured much in the Republican presidential primaries. But with Pat Buchanan setting the pace and tone, it is certain that it will do so before long.

Inchon in the Desert: My Rejected Plan

The voice squawked from the loudspeaker in the Pentagon's command center: "We have an event.

The Russian Aid Mess

The perception exists that aid to Russia and Ukraine has not met expectations. Looking back, it is increasingly evident that there was no way the program could have done so.

The Op-Ed History of America

Many American policymakers and scholars believe they have learned the lessons of nineteenth and twentieth-century history for U.S. foreign policy. Three such "lessons" dominate discussion: the Lesson of American Development; the Lesson of the Pax

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April 20, 2014