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India: Relevant at Last?

The achievement of independence by the Indian subcontinent marked the effective end of the age of European imperialism.

One Country, Two Capitals, Review of Solomon Volkov's St. Petersburg: A Cultural History

TThis century has seen power swing with unambiguous force from St. Petersburg to Moscow.


The Future of Britain's Nuclear Deterrent

Politics, not strategy, might set the United Kingdom's course.

Will Britain Leave Europe?

The UK loaned some of its political power to the EU. Like many of the region's creditors, it's regretting the move.

British Conservatism: Where Next?

To judge from the British media's treatment of the General Election result, from 5th May (2005), one would have thought, unless one hesitated, that Tony Blair's Labour Party had just suffered a defeat.


The Incredible Shrinking Militaries of Europe

The Obama administration would do well to emulate London and its other allies across the pond.

Viewing the World Through Nationalist Lenses

It's important to be aware of how our nationalist views are perceived by the rest of the world. Japan's Yasukuni shrine is a case in point.

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April 24, 2014