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Ambushed on the Potomac

One of America’s best-known neoconservatives gives his take on what went wrong over the past eight years, the role of the State Department in hijacking Bush’s foreign policy and why 50 million conspiracy theorists have it wrong.

Our Imaginary Foe

Finding monsters under the bed and bogeymen in the closet. Why exaggerating the Iranian threat is bad for U.S. foreign policy.

Russia Plays the China Card

Russia and China are strengthening their ties, but don’t bet on an alliance—that is, unless poor U.S. policy drives them together.

New Year, Old Story on Iran

A year after their assessment of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the authors look back. There are still no good options for dealing with Iran.

Iranian Beliefs and Realities

Painting an accurate picture of Iran requires listening to all Iranians, not just "our" Iranians

Thinking Outside the Tank

Policy is only as strong as the thinking behind it. We need new ideas--and institutions--to win the war on terrorism.


Obama's Missing Russia Strategy

Long before Snowden, an aimless administration was bungling Putin and Russia.

Talking to the Taliban

Obama has seriously erred in letting talks with the Taliban interfere with more important priorities in Afghanistan.

Inside Iran's Election Surprise

The kingmakers and the man they helped to prevail.


Obligatory Bob Woodward Post

Bob Woodward's new book raises serious doubts about Obama's control of the military.

Books & Reviews

Democracy & Its Discontents

The inevitability of republicanism as the answer to infinite governmental woes seemed clear. Yet the belief that the world abhors an ideological vacuum was mistaken.

An American Monarch

Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court is just the latest in a long history of presidential power grabs. Gordon Wood dissects John Yoo.

In the Shadow of War

Western society tends to see disaster all around, from climate change to terrorism. But we live in a time of unbridled prosperity. Our age has nowhere near as great a measure of crisis as the age of total war.

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April 19, 2014