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When Kerry Stormed D.C.

John Kerry was just five years out of Yale when he testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and became an instant celebrity.

Unintelligent Design

In the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Americans cried out for catharsis. The 9/11 Commission delivered. What we are left with is an ill-conceived bureacracy in the guise of reform.

Japan, LLP

Tokyo has by turns been seen as a promising newcomer, an evil enemy, a dedicated junior partner, a serious economic and technological threat, and now a strategic disappointment. This attitude is detrimental to Washington and Tokyo alike.

A Subversive on a Hill

With America mired in two wars and our economy in shambles, the chorus of declinists has returned. But the United States will endure because it is an elastic power.

Foreign Policy, Meet the People

Partisanship used to stop at the water’s edge. But times have changed; the U.S. electorate is now deeply divided—and not just on domestic-policy prescriptions. Facing a rift among the masses greater than that spawned by either the war in Korea or

For God, King and Country

Over the centuries, the causes and justifications for war have evolved. But we remain caught in a Westphalian mindset, even though the nature of today’s substate threats demands an altogether-different mentality and a new breed of soldier—or at le


Obama's Goldilocks Syria Plan

Diplomacy backed by the threat of a war that's not too big and not too small.

From Putin With Love

Thanks to Mr. Putin, Washington has been given another chance to demonstrate the leadership that President Obama insists is America’s unique burden and responsibility.

The Case for India's Nuclear Weapons

The bomb has made India safer.


A Dangerous Declaration

A new sense-of-the-Senate resolution misrepresents vital American interests and paves the way for war with Iran.

The Senate's Interventionist Caucus and Libya

The Senate is trying yet again to rein in Obama's foreign policy. This time the criticism is from both sides of the aisle.

The Unelected Government

The common practice of trading jobs for campaign support is undermining American democracy.

Books & Reviews

My Kingdom for a Nose

Is there anything the United States can learn from this ancient, sordid affair that put an empire on the path to destruction?

Revolutionaries Inside the Capitol

America's founding is a gripping tale of rivalry, treachery and ultimately triumph. The divisive politics of today are nothing compared to those now celebrated on the cliffs of Mt. Rushmore.

An American Monarch

Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court is just the latest in a long history of presidential power grabs. Gordon Wood dissects John Yoo.

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April 17, 2014