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War From Cyberspace

As Obama appoints Howard A. Schmidt to a new cybersecurity post, former cyberczar Richard Clarke shows America is the most vulnerable country in the world.

The Culture Club

Not all cultures are equally conducive to progress.

Keeping Terror Out

If gardeners and housemaids can cross our porous borders, so can Al-Qaeda operatives.

Odom's Russia: A Forum

Seven seasoned observers react to William Odom's interpretation of post-Soviet Russian reality, and Odom replies.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Communism and fascism, cousins in disrepute.

China's Democratic Prospects: A Dissenting View

Is Chinese nationalism democracy's enemy, and capitalism its friend? Or is it the other way around?


America's Disappearing War Data

Crucial statistics from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars aren't being systematically stored, leaving lessons unlearnable.

Inside Iran's Election Surprise

The kingmakers and the man they helped to prevail.

Saudi Money Shaping U.S. Research

Riyadh is dumping money on American researchers, diverting their efforts from projects that could harm the Kingdom's energy interests.


The Battle of the Bridge

Despite good intentions, there are limits to cooperation between academics and policy makers. It's time to cool the verbal warfare.

Books & Reviews

China's Power Paradox

China has striven to moderate at least the appearence of its global ambitions.

How to Fight Terrorism

Radical Islam is its own worst enemy. It will marginalize itself unless the United States overreacts.

Dreaming Europe in a Wide-Awake World

When it comes to Europe's gilded future, success is always just around the corner. Europeanists need to wake up--or risk being left behind by an unlikely coalition.

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April 21, 2014